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3D print pen


3D print pen


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The magic 3D pen
Did you know there’s already an affordable 3D technology that can give you the power to 3D print objects? Meet the 3D pens! These devices are more economical than the huge and expensive 3D printers but it gives you the same power. That is, you can 3D print anything you design from your mind. It’s so simple to use but still packs a huge punch! Enjoy creating 3D images of nearly anything! This fun product is great for any age group and promotes captivating creativity. This makes it a perfect gift for kids or creative people. The pen is very easy to set up and use, besides this it's safe for kids! It has a heat protecting nozzle cover, so your beloved ones can create beautiful and astonishing 3D objects.

What is a 3D printing pen?
It is a magic pen that makes you or your kid's dreams come true. It is an artifact that breaks the traditional painting methodology, allowing your lines to fly out of the paper and solidify in the air; When you have finished your work, it can immediately "stand" in front of you. The 3D-printing pen is an amazing tool for children and creative people. It is also an educational product for parents and their kids, let your child's imagination, creativity, and thinking fly.

3D pen

Why do you need this 3D pen?
✅ Safe for children
✅ Easy to use
✅ Including PLA (printable) filament (Random color)
✅ Complete ready to use package
✅ A creative, exciting and fun gift for kids and creative people

Our customers love the 3D pen!

Customers love the 3d pen webyjar

Easy to use!
Just plug in the USB charging cable and the red light indicates power. The green light flashes while heating and stay lit when it's ready to use. After that just press the extruder button and away you go!

Turn your dreams into reality!
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Product properties:
Discharge method: hot melt extrusion stacking
Forming method: three-dimensional molding
Print range: no limit
Spinning speed: adjustable
Printing consumables: ABS, PLA 1.75mm
Heating temperature: 185-200 degrees
Equipment working voltage: 12V - 2A
Nozzle direct: 0.7 mm

Product Specifications:
material: plastic
Size: 22*16.5*6cm
Product Category: 3d printing pen
Uses: three-dimensional molding
Length: 22 (cm)




Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg

Blue, Pink, Purple, Green



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