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✈️ International shipping is only $3,95 and FREE on orders over $35 | Spring Sale! – Up to 50% discount

Neon lamps

Neon lamps


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These cool neon lights will impress everybody, that's why it's a perfect gift or treat for yourself.

A Great Decor
Perfect for home, bedroom, office, wedding, parties, birthday, Christmas, holidays decor lights. Also, as a great gift for your wife, husband, children, girls, friends, etc

Neon Lamp
The neon light is quiet without any noise. The good-looking and exquisite craft work worth your possession.

Sweet Night Light
Energy-saving and Environmental-protection as it is, it is a very good night light and won’t hurt your eyes. Hanging on the wall, it is very beautiful scenery.

Glass Neon Sign is a traditional handmade crafts, which requires high techniques of the bending master. Usually it needs 2 years from a apprentice to a master.
neon light webyjar

Product Category: Night Tide LED Light
Product material: Plastic (PP) LED lights
Power usage: 3 AA batteries





Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 10 cm

Bell warm, Bell red, Warm deer, Love pink, Love red, Four leaf clover, Deer, Hexagon flower, Dinosaur, Love warm, Love, Rainbow, Snowflake, Hat, Warm love, Christmas tree

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