Solid Wood Key Storage Ornaments Put A Key Hook At The Entrance Of The Porch Japanese Style Creative Entry Desktop

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Rounded branches
Rounded branches
Black walnut
Black walnut
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Product Information:
Style: single hook
Color: square model (beech), long (beech), square model (black walnut), long (black walnut) (branch) Rounded), square model (Acacia) main map, long paragraph (Acacia), ship type (Acacia), square model (black walnut), long (black walnut), Type (rubber wood), long (rubber wood), ship type (rubber wood), oak key holder (promotion), square mini (Acacia) size is normal than normal, collect this product Give priority delivery
Maximum load: 2kg
Number: See Description
Patent number: See description

Packing List:

Additional information

Weight 700.00 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 cm

Rounded branches, Black walnut

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