✈️ International shipping is only $3,95 and FREE on orders over $35 | Spring Sale! – Up to 50% discount

✈️ International shipping is only $3,95 and FREE on orders over $35 | Spring Sale! – Up to 50% discount

WIFI Amplifier


WIFI Amplifier


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Do you have a bad WiFi signal in your bedroom or in the kitchen? With the Xiaomi repeater, you increase the range of your wireless network. Determine with the Wi-Fi app where you place the extender and connect it to the router. With this model you amplify the existing signal, so you can also surf the Internet stably in places where you currently have too little signal. Plug the repeater into the power outlet and with 1 push of a button, you increase the range of your wireless network. And enjoy a stable connection.

Uses both Wi-Fi tapes to create a powerful and stable connection for your devices. So you can connect to multiple devices at the same time.

Why do you need this Wi-Fi repeater?
✔️ Plug and play, easy to use
✔️ Mobile app support
✔️ Up to 64 devices
✔️ Speed transfer up to 300 Mbps
✔️ Strong Wi-Fi signal for Streaming, Intensive gaming and downloading large files

Two powerful external high-gain antennas provide wider coverage and better performance
Wireless capabilities to expand your wireless coverage
Compatible with other brands of routers
Speed transfer: 300 Mbps
Supports up to 64 devices to meet the needs of the entire family
Easily manage your network settings with the small mi Wi-Fi app
This amplifier will be automatically upgraded without any adjustments





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