Tensegrity decoration toy

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Version 1
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Version 2
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This tesegrity decoration toy is perfect for teaching kids or when you love unique and special products. This is built using a structural principal called tensional integrity (tensegrity for short), where all the chains are under tension due to the distribution of mass in the system. There are many ways one of these can be built. With a three chain setup like this one, the key is that for the upper part there must be more mass on the side facing away from the two long chains.

Why do you need this toy/gadget?
✔️ Fun for kids!
✔️ Cool design with wow effect!
✔️ Cool decoration
✔️ Easy to set up

Material: Plastic/Plastic
Plastic material classification: ABS
The number of blocks (pieces): 200-400 pieces (pieces)[MOC Tension Sculpture]: A small tension integrity sculpture. The center of gravity on the upper part of the model makes all chains in tension, thus forming a stable system that seems to be able to overcome gravity.


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Version 1, Version 2, Version 3, Version 4


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